Advanced Cognitive Enhancement Clinics

ACE ClinicsAdvance Cognitive Enhancement (ACE) Clinics is an industry leader in ADHD treatment located in Toronto. The clinic specializes in treating both children and adults who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, in addition to offering expert care for individuals struggling with learning disabilities like dyslexia, central auditory processing disorder, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, visual processing disorder, dysgraphia, Asperger’s syndrome and more. For nearly 25 years, ACE Clinics has proudly laboured to support and improve the lives of thousands of their clients.

The clinic’s leadership is headed by Bob Gottfried, PhD, who commands well over two decades of professional experience as a therapist with a focus in neuro-cognitive treatments for attention, memory, learning, stress, and anxiety disorders. Bob was an early adopter of advanced technologies like biofeedback and neuro feedback. After ten years of extensive research, he created and rolled out a unique, patented treatment programs that has helped thousand’s of the ACE Clinics clients’ to this day.

Bob Gottfried is a committed community leader, supporting values which are directly reflected by ACE Clinics’ philanthropy. Bob advocates fiercely for the importance of raising kids with strong values and high self-esteem, so they can be best positioned to improve the world as adults. The clinic works closely with non for profit children organization. Once example is The Olive Branch for Children, who recently received the first treatment program available in the region to Tanzanian children with attention deficit (ADHD) and learning disabilities. Their activities include training staff to execute the program properly and make lasting, transformational change in the lives of the participants.

The Olive Branch for Children began in 2005 and has been active in Tanzania for the last seven years. Their mission is to help remote communities in the area assess their most pressing needs and gather the resources the support the most vulnerable members of the population. Their program offers at-home medical services, support, and counseling to over 6 individuals living with HIV in thirteen different rural villages. Clients benefit from the Home Based Care Team’s ongoing health education and assistance. These individuals also receive additional nutritional support in the form of food and seed distributions.

Bob Gottfried and the team at ACE Clinics are ardent believers in our children. The next generation represents the future. It is the duty of their parents, guardians, and loved ones to provide them the tools to not just cope with life’s challenges, but overcome them. Their innovation and creativity will be what drives our success as a society at the local, national, and global levelss. ACE Clinics is proud to empower its clients to accomplish that level of growth and success.